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OXNARD, CA 93030


    The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) serves those who serve and have served the nation. NARFE is the only association dedicated to protecting the earned retirement benefits of federal employees, retirees and their survivors. NARFE's commitment is to secure the future that federal employees have worked to achieve for themselves and their families.

    NARFE was founded by 14 federal workers in 1921. Our mission is to protect the earned rights and benefits of America's active and retired Federal workers. NARFE has become a major force on Capitol Hill and across the nation to protect your Federal Civil Service benefits that you worked so long and hard for.

    NARFE is an effective and highly respected legislative voice of federal workers and retirees. With 50 state federations plus federations in the District of Columbia, the Philippines, Panama and Puerto Rico; and over 1500 chapters, NARFE has a demonstrated record of success on many important issues.

    Members are kept up to date on issues such as federal, state and local legislative developments, judicial actions and regulatory changes through NARFE's monthly magazine Retirement Life.

    Membership is open to any person who is or will be eligible to receive an annuity or a survivor annuity from any of the federal civilian retirement programs of any agency of the governments of the United States or the District of Columbia, including:

  • Current federal employees
  • Retired federal employees
  • Spouses of current and retired federal employees
  • Former federal employees, including individuals on disability and their spouses
  • Survivors of deceased federal employees (survivor annuitants)
  • Members of the U.S. House and Senate and their staffs
  • Former spouses who are legally eligible for an annuity


    To support legislation and regulations beneficial to federal civilian employees and annuitants and potential annuitants under any federal civilian retirement system and to oppose those detrimental to their interests.

    To promote the general welfare of federal civilian employees and annuitants and potential annuitants, to advise and assist them with respect to their rights under retirement, health and other employee and retiree benefits laws and regulations, and to represent their interests before appropriate authorities.

    To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these general objectives.


    NARFE's objectives are to:

    Sponsor, support or oppose legislation to protect the benefits and general welfare of its members on issues such as health benefits, retirement, etc.;

    Inform members about legislative issues, primarily retirement income and health care benefits, taxation and COLAs;

    Strengthen the political influence of current and future federal retirees through NARFE-PAC, a political action committee;

    Cooperate with other organizations seeking to accomplish similar legislative goals;

    Work in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management to answer questions related to retirement benefits, and Foster public recognition and appreciation of government service;

    Contribute to the well-being of local communities through volunteer service.