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August 2020

President, Tony Pizza,

Here we are in August and no end in sight for the shelter in place. Our chapter is now in “AARP" mode. We still belong to a national organization for retired people, pay our dues (hopefully) but don't have local meetings. I guess, except for the 20 - 25 members who usually attend meetings, that’s how it is anyway. That’s fine, just don't forget to pay your dues and remain a member. We are very fortunate that OPM hasn't forgotten us. Without our annuities, we would be in big trouble.

We are still being kept informed. (1) This newsletter. (2) The NARFE magazine. And (3) if you use a computer, the NARFE website and emails from National. If you’re not getting those emails and want to, go to and under the Communications tab (top line, on the right) click on Enewsletter. Then click on Subscribe to NARFE NewsLine.

In case you forgot:  NARFE Magazine and deliver reliable and accurate information and guidance on Federal Benefits and Regulations. Federal benefits can be complicated and there is not a one-size fits all solution. NARFE’s Federal benefits specialists provide one-on-one assistance to help NARFE members resolve issues surrounding federal benefits, annuities, Social Security, Medicare, and more. Available by email and phone, NARFE members have a responsive and reliable team of experts at their service. If you need assistance, you can email at or call 703-838-7760 (between 5am PDT and 2pm PDT). Due to the pandemic, and staffing issues, response may be delayed, but be patient, you will get an answer.

When a woman called 911 complaining of difficulty breathing, the EMTs rushed to her home. They placed a sensor on her finger to measure her pulse and blood oxygen. Then began to gather her information. "What's your age?" he asked. "Fifty-eight," she said, eyeing the blinking device on her finger. "What does that do?" "It's a lie detector," said the EMT with a straight face. "Now, what did you say your age was?" "Sixty-seven," answered the woman sheepishly.