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January 2023

President, Tony Pizza,

Now that the Holiday Season is over we can catch our breath, relax a while, and get ready forÖ Tax Season. In the meantime, enjoy your new COLA raise (8.7 % for CSRS and 7.7 % for FERS). With inflated costs of everything, Iíll try not to spend mine in one place.

I wish we could have more presentations like in November with Debbie Miller from Blue Cross, but with the covid still around, itís not easy. Our low attendance doesnít help, as presenters like a good audience. Never the less, I encourage you to come for lunch and enjoy the socialization. (I think some like it better that way J) Maybe you wonít know anyone when you walk in, but you will when you walk out.

I was telling one of the members that I didnít have anything for this article, so I might have to resort to nagging you to sign up for dues withholding. Nah, thatís like beating a dead horse. But why not call Carl to find out what a good deal youíre missing? (Sorry Carl, your phone will be ringing off the hook.)

Unfortunately, one of NARFEís top priorities, legislation to repeal or reform the windfall elimination provision (WEP) and the government pension offset (GPO) Ė two provisions that reduce Social Security benefits for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuitants due to their receipt of a CSRS pension Ė  was not included in the year-end package, despite a strong end-of-year push by NARFE and its members and its allies inside and outside of Congress.  

While disappointing, NARFE still intends to carry the momentum created in the 117th Congress, which saw the first committee action taken on a bill to repeal WEP and GPO ever, into the 118th Congress.  

Do you have to send mail to OPM? If you receive a letter from OPM with instructions to respond via regular mail, use the address provided. If you are downloading a form from OPMís website, use the address included in the formís instructions. If no return address is provided, use U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Retirement Operations Center, PO Box 45, Boyers, PA 16017. And as always, keep copies of everything that you send to OPM and use a method that helps you track the delivery, like certified mail with return receipt.

My friend Bubba told me that when he asked his wife where she wanted to go on vacation, she said that being married to him was a vacation. When I commented that was a nice thing to say to him, Bubba replied. "Well, actually, what she said was I was the 'last resort.'"