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September 2023

President, Tony Pizza,

At the August meeting we had the popular chicken fried steak. Our attendance was low. It may drop to where the Elks Club canít support us, and we might have to find a new venue. Some members canít come to the meeting, some donít want to. Itís understandable. But some just canít overcome the inertia to make a reservation. Itís not hard, just call or email Carl. Try it, even if just ONCE a year. You might like it. And this month, another favorite, LASAGNA!

You may have heard that covid cases are increasing again. Not as bad as when the pandemic first hit, but more than last year. A week ago I went to lunch with Carl and three others, Later that day, one friend reported not feeling well, did a covid test, and tested positive. Two days later, two of us also felt sick and tested positive. I was one of them, Carl wasnít. So be careful, maybe wear a mask when in large groups, and if you get flu or cold symptoms, get tested and call your doctor. If you donít have a home test kit, you can purchase them at most drug stores. Call your doctorís office, they may know where free testing can be done. The doctor can prescribe Paxlovid, pills you take twice a day for 5 days. But if you wait too long, the meds wonít help.

If you donít already know, DoD retiree IDs were no longer valid effective Sept 1st. If you need base access, take your DoD retiree ID to the pass and ID office at Port Hueneme on Ventura Rd. or at Point Mugu. They will issue a paper temporary pass valid for 1 year. They can't issue long-term passes at this time (credit card sized IDs). They think they will be able to issue long-term IDs in about 2 months. Carl got the paper one at Mugu, others have at Port Hueneme. If you donít already have a retiree card, you need a Real ID driverís license and your last Standard Form-50 retirement document. I think a passport works if you donít have a real ID.

Remember those NARFE-PAC letters nagging you to contribute, so we can keep Congress aware of what we favor and donít favor in proposed laws? Well, thank you to the 23 chapter members who contributed almost $1100 during the first six months of 2023. NARFE members in California contributed almost $23,000. I hope next time you get one of those letters, youíll get out the checkbook and send a few bucks. NARFE-PAC helps defend YOUR earned pay and benefits by:   Electing members of Congress who support federal community;  Building strong relationships with lawmakers; Helping our supporters rise to leadership positions, and influence the legislative agenda