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May 2019

President, Tony Pizza

At the April meeting, which we moved up a week because of the State Federation Convention, we had an interesting presentation by Dr. Richard Hatcher. He showed pictures and described taking a ride on the old Ridge Route highway, originally built over 100 years ago in 1915. Part of it is still drivable, from Castaic north partly over the mountains. But unless you like lots of curves, narrow roadway, and fallen rocks, DON”T TRY IT.

Members Carl, Jess, and Tony attended the convention in San Diego. A number of the officers from other chapters receive our newsletter, and they told me that they thought it was excellent, and appreciate getting it. The credit goes to Vic for creating it and Carl for distributing it

One of the things they do at the convention is a short remembrance for those members who have died since the last convention two years ago. In the state, there were 1279 members who died, 54 from our chapter.

This year’s budget from the Administration threatened $32 billion in cuts to Federal employees and retiree pay and benefits. However, the House and Senate passed a budget with NO cuts. We have already had more than out share of cuts, and Congress recognizes that enough is enough, thanks to the efforts of NARFE and other organizations of Feds.

A number of detrimental things were proposed for Postal Reform. However, that effort is stalled.

Because Congress did not pass a pay raise in time, the President imposed a pay freeze on employees. However, Congress finally passed a 1.9% pay raise.

For FY2020, the administration is proposing more cuts. We have avoided cuts in retired benefits for 9 years. That was not just good luck, it was because of the efforts of NARFE and our allies in Congress. We have been successful because our National office and our lobbyists presented our story to members of Congress. So when you get that request from NARFE-PAC, don’t ignore it, protect your benefits.

“Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?”– (Credit to George Carlin)