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October 2019

President, Tony Pizza

We had a very informative presentation by representatives of the Oxnard Fire Department Part of it was about the File of Life. We were shown a magnetic holder in which you can place vital information about medicines and health conditions, and then keep it on display, usual the refrigerator, where the first responders will be sure to see it. Without the holder, you can still print out the form from and stick it on the fridge. Having that information immediately available may just save a life!

One of the other things you should have readily accessible is a Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST). On this form you specify your wishes for health care in the event you are incapacitated. Itís in addition to an Advance Care Directive, with pretty much the same information, except a doctor signs it. Health providers must follow it because itís a doctorís order. The form is on pink paper, and available at hospitals. You can check it out at It can be kept on the fridge with the File of Life.

The other part of the presentation was about disaster preparedness. In a major disaster like a wildfire or earthquake, you should have a kit of supplies to cover your needs for at least 3 days, a week is better. You should have a kit at home, work or school, and in your vehicle, if possible.

In brief, the top ten essential items: 1, WATER one gallon per person per day; 2, FOOD; three days to a week supply, and can opener; 3, CASH AND IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS; 4, CLOTHES; 5, FLASHLIGHT and batteries; 6, FIRST AID KIT; 7, MEDICINES; 8, RADIO, and batteries; 9, TOLIETRIES; 10, TOOLS.

Two old ladies were discussing their husbands over tea. "I wish that my Robert would stop biting his nails. It gets me very upset. "My Calvin used to do the same thing," the older woman replied. "But I broke him of the habit." "How?" the first women asked. "I hid his teeth."