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April 2023

President, Tony Pizza,

The March meeting went well, we avoided the heavy rains, but had a few cancellations from members “under the weather.”  The pork loin was excellent. Members have requested some “home style” meals, so this month it’s meatloaf on the menu. Come join us for the food and social contact.

The Ventura County Clerk-Recorder's office has a new Real Estate Fraud Alert Program for free. This service alerts you if a document gets recorded against your parcel number or of someone you love. Visit and click on Recorder, and sign up. It's a part of the Ventura County District Attorney's Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team -- a professional collaboration of the VC Recorders office, The VC District Attorney's office, and VC real estate professionals. The goal is to prevent, detect, and report real estate fraud that can occur without your knowledge. Again, the service is free.

In an article in the LA Times by Steve Lopez, he discussed whether drivers over 70 are  discriminated against, despite having good driving records, by having to take written and vision tests that younger drivers don’t.

Since Jan. 1, California drivers 70 and older have had to take a written test and an eye exam at a Department of Motor Vehicles office to get their licenses renewed. Actually, the 70-and-older in-person requirement isn’t new. It was in place since 1978, until Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order for a temporary waiver during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To be fair, for those of us who are older and not bionic, the eyes begin to go, reaction time fades, and driving at night can become more of a challenge. A DMV spokesman said those good driving numbers are misleading because younger drivers put in more miles than older drivers. “Seniors are among the safest drivers on the road in terms of both collisions and convictions,” said the spokesman. “However, when taking account of

miles driven, collision rates (but not convictions) start to rise at age 70.”


Whether or not we think it’s discrimination, if over 70 we’ll have to take the tests every 5 years. And if you’re due for the DMV knowledge test, don’t assume it’s a snap. Several people recommended not just reading, but studying, the DMV test guide.


I think I’m supposed to say something about NARFE. So contribute to NARFE-PAC, sign up for dues withholding or renew your membership when you get the notice.


A boy says to an old man: “Wow, so many scars. You must have had an adventurous life!” Old man replies “No, I just have a cat.”